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Empowerment and honesty are the cement that holds your recovery foundations together.
— Lacy Alajna Bentley


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Lacy has found a balance between candidly expressing herself while still exercising sensitivity for her reader. Her words are encouraging and uplifting. I particularly appreciated the workbook element of the book. She offers substantial action steps that are easy to understand and at least begin to use.

I recommend her book to those who are at any point in going through their own recovery. Any addict to a fantasy life that interferes with reality will benefit by reading and applying these principles. I will also be recommending this book to those who work or live with clients or family members with known relationship or sexual addictions. As they experience this book, they will understand more accurately and compassionately. Many will realize they have their own addictive or damaging thought and behavior patterns to work on.
— Dr. Carol Lynn

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