Responsibility in Life and Love (Registration form at bottom!)

I was going to call this “Stop Picking Your Nose” but my logical side won out. Not to worry, we will still cover the same topics. ;)

  • What is my responsibility in a relationship with another adult?

  • Aren’t we all responsible for our own emotions? (YES! and… NO! Come find out why.)

  • How to stay calm when you get called out (ouchie!)

  • Giving ourselves and others the benefit of the doubt, without removing responsibility or making excuses

This is a 45-minute no-cost webinar on Responsibility in Life and Love to help you get the results you want with a little less drama

A ZOOM link will be emailed to registered guests Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday January 16, 2019 @ 6 pm MST (8pm EST; 5 pm PST)

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Yours in recovery,

Details: One-time class, Wednesday January 16, 2019 @ 6 pm MST; (8 pm EST; 5 pm PST) Note: This is a full hour earlier than the previous webinar

If you really love the alternative title, please feel free to call this the “Stop Picking Your Nose!” webinar!

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