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I love my readers! That's why I want to give you all kinds of great downloadable goodies! If you don't see somehting you want, send me an email and I'll see what I can come up with!

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Healthy Distraction and Living in the Moment Ideas

Changing habits takes time. While you work towards a life of integrity, you might need a few healthy fillers for the vacuum left by the time you are NOT spending acting in. Here are a few I've come up with. Just realize, anything can be taken to the extreme, even recovery tools! 

The best gift you can give yourself and those you love, is yourself, undistracted, in full integrity. Here are a few practice ideas!

Healthy Distraction Ideas PDF

Lapse/Relapse Trackers and Inventories 

Relapse happens, especially early on. Now what? For starters, you need to get to the bottom of what happened. Then you need to plan ahead, while setting new boundaries to help you stay on track. Remember, boundaries are about what YOU will do in a situation. You can't decide what other people will do, but you can certainly choose for yourself!

Inquiry Questions Worksheet PDF

Inquiry Worksheet SAMPLE

Weekly RECOVERY Tracker

Weekly TRIGGER Tracker


Investigation Questions

As I say in Overcoming Love Addiction, don't tackle all of these at once! Select 1 or 2 that resonate right now, and journal on them. Reflect, meditate, pray, whatever works for you. The habits you are trying to break were not created in a day. Give yourself time to correct them and learn a new way of being. If serious trauma comes up, talk to someone you trust who can support you with love and compassion. It's totally okay if you find you need a religious leader or therapist. By all means, make an appointment!

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