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Homework files(not linked yet)

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED: You will be expected to spend 3-4 hours per week between our chat, attending group calls, and working on your homework. This boot-camp can give you an incredible running start in recovery—if you choose it. You have hired me to hold you accountable, guide you into a more honest recovery, and mentor you into the type of recovered life you need. When you feel like quitting, not doing your part, or not being honest, I want you to ask yourself one question. Put this question on your mirror, on your phone screen, and in other places you will see it when the going gets tough. “What will I regret most in 3 years if I don’t get into recovery now? That’s it. I just want you to think about what you have to lose. If it’s worth it, let me know. If not, let’s keep working towards the life you CAN have if you want it bad enough.



You’ll need: a pen, access to a printer, your phone, your email, a journal or notebook you can use throughout this process (It doesn’t need to be new or only for recovery), access to your most used calendar, a copy of Addicted to Love, privacy at your comfort level, and about 2 hours over the next few days. The time can be broken up. Please do these in order.

Download, sign and snap a picture of this disclosure document. Then please email a legible picture of the signed page to me at Lacy@HerRecoveryRoadmap.com using “Signed Disclosure Document” as the subject line. I just want to be sure you are clear, I am a Recovery Coach and Mentor, not a licences therapist. I’ll need you to do this before our first check-in call next week, or I’ll need to have you take that time to handle this.

Save my phone number in your phone: 801-358-9806. Send me a text with your name and “REAL Love” when you’ve got this, so I can save your number.

Download and pin Zoom to your computer and/or phone if you haven’t

Save our weekly Zoom call to your calendar. We meet every Tuesday that isn’t Christmas day at 12pm MST for an hour. Please be on time and star the entire time whenever possible. Sometimes things come up. Just come in and leave quietly if needed. Here’s the link:

Ready for so REAL Love work?!?! Here you go!

I’d like to have you read the Introduction and Chapter 2, The Road Map in Addicted to Love. Spend 10-20 minutes just free writing your feelings and thoughts after reading this material. Then, watch this video. Read chapter 1: My story if you’d like, but I talk a bit about my story in the video, along with other things you’ll need to know. Take notes if you need.

When all done, fill out this Checklist for us to use at our check-in. Also, there’s a place to record anything you want to talk about in group. That’ll be for your benefit, mostly. It also helps me plan who might need what time to gain clarity, validation, or just be heard.

Now, just quietly sit and journal for a few minutes. What do you want to get out of this boot-camp? What do you hope to accomplish through group, our time together, and your own personal recovery efforts? Set 2-3 easy to identify goals for the next 8 weeks. Make one of them a goal you absolutely know you will accomplish

Week 1

You’ll need: privacy to your comfort level, your notebook or journal, a pen or pencil, your copy of Addicted to Love, Week 1 Homework: Accountability in either an open MS word, print out, or other format that works for you.

Download Homework Week 1: Accountability. You can report on this in the next Tuesday group (Remember, 12-1 MST on Zoom).

This week, we will begin our journey together through Addicted to Love. If we don’t have a set day and time to talk each week for 15-30 minutes, we need to get that worked out as soon as possible. This is your time to check in with me, ask questions, and get some 1:1 feedback, so is very important. You go ahead and call me at our scheduled time so we don’t end up both calling and getting voicemails.

You will read Chapter 3, Accountability for this week. Take your time, answer the questions, journal at the end for just a few minutes. Get used to doing this, I’ll ask you to write down your thoughts often. What women can you reach out to? Write their names down. Then, feel free to download and listen to Ch. 3 audio. It will help get the concepts deeper into your mind, and you’ll have different insights than before. I recommend listening to it a couple of times as you are doing other things that don’t take much mental effort. I’ll be encouraging you to get exercise as we go along, so perhaps starting that habit will be helpful!

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8



Additional Resources(not linked yet)

Podcasts, blog posts, TED and TEDx talks, memes, and other fun stuff to deepen or broaden your recovery. To submit something for inclusion here, email me a link, and I'll check it out! Give me at least a week before re0submitting if you don't see it.


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