Become a Coach with RLR

As a REAL Love Recovery Coach (RLR Coach), you will get loads of info, great tools to help you help others, and a community of like-minded, top notch individuals like you. RLR Coaching is available to men and women who have a passion for helping others love in new, healthy, self-aware ways. We teach principles of healthy relationship dynamics, real recovery, values-based living, all with high doses of empowered responsibility. If you are interested in becoming a RLR Coach, please fill out the application below, then watch the short introductory video. We can then set up an interview through my online scheduling found here. Thank you for your interest in RLR Coaching, I look forward to connecting with you soon!


RLR Coaching Application Process:

  1. Fill out the RLR Coaching Application fully (directly below)
  2. Watch the "RLR Introductory Video" (also below, but to the right)
  3. Sign up for a video-call interview here (Zoom platform, yes we need to do a video call)
  4. Show up with questions and on time, for your interview. You and I will decide together if you and RLR Coaching are a good fit. 
  5. Get to work changing lives, starting with your own! (Because a good coach is always striving to become a better person and coach!
 Step 1

Step 1

REAL Love Recovery Coaching Application (directly below)

Please fill out the application fully and honestly. I am looking for self-awareness, personal responsibility, and a servant's heart. If you feel you can provide these traits, you are probably an excellent candidate. I only take a few new coaches twice a year, so give it your best shot! 

 Step 2

Step 2

REAL Love Recovery Coaching Introduction Video (For after you fill out the application below.)

Wondering what I expect from my coaches, and what I will offer you? This video is designed to encourage you on your path to becoming an RLR Coach, and prepare you for the interview process. If you're nervous, don't be. It's your heart I'm looking for, and nerves only mean this matters to you. See them as a good thing, and take a few deep breaths. Your value is not on the line, and I want to hire you. Watch the video as many times as you'd like, and I'll talk to you soon!

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