Addicted to Love PAPERBACK

Addicted to Love PAPERBACK


Overcoming Love Addiction has a NEW TITLE and is now available in paperback!

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Love without the pain.

Women who live with love addiction are a unique breed. They’ve learned to cope in a sex-driven world, to find their worth in sexuality and being wanted. Trauma, childhood abuse and neglect, cultural disempowerment, even recent rejection, leaves many women feeling worthless and unlovable. The human need for lasting, meaningful relationships is constantly sabotaged by these women’s own behaviors, piled high on top of events out of their control. They feel broken, alone, unforgivable, and lost.

All of this can change…

After walking her own recovery path back to real, untainted love, then guiding dozens of other women, Lacy Alajna Bentley is on a mission to share what she has learned. This is a journey of self-discovery through honest conversations and new ways of seeing day-to-day patterns. Every word in Addicted to Love (formerly Overcoming Love Addiction) is meant to guide the brave woman into the relationships she truly wants and deserves—without excuses, compulsions, or addiction.

She will learn to:

  • secure her romantic heart

  • love like she was meant to

  • break free from compulsive patterns

  • define her future without the shame of the past

  • find contentment and joy in the normal progression of real romantic love over a lifetime

Overcoming Love Addiction challenges women to think deeply about how they live and love in all their relationships. Written with compassion, honesty, and a no-nonsense attitude, this is the relationship recovery roadmap of the future.